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Magic Motion FitCute APP Controlled Kegel Rejuve - MM-FITCUTE


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Get your cone muscles strong - the smart way! With your APP trainer and sensor technology, you can find the best results that suit your body.

The Magic Kegel app gently guides you through your initial training with six different programs. It provides a clear and simple explanation for each exercise and lots of advice for a perfect workout each time.

There are two secrets to getting important results from your Kegel exercises:

Do your Kegel exercises properly AND do your Kegel exercises regularly.

That's it! That is why the free Kegel training program Magic Kegel mainly focuses on these two basic principles of pelvic floor training with data and rewards support.

FitCute Rejuve also has a beginner's hood, named Rejuve Cover, that you can keep or remove to make your first use as comfortable as possible for you.

• Voice-Guide Kegel Training with Six Courses
• Size:φ23x85(175)mm
• Weight:27g/0.95oz

• Built-in Sensor Measuring Pelvic Floor Muscle
• Vibration Feedback for Muscle Strength
• Quick Start Guide in Magic Kegel APP
• Voice-Guide Kegel Training with Six Courses
• Real-Time Visual Feedback of Muscle Activity
• Kegel Exercise Tracking with Data Analysis
• Goal Setting and Rewards to Help Improvement
• Body-Safe Silicone and Waterproof
• USB Rechargeable