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100cm Realistic Silicone Love Doll

SKU J-100

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Realistic Love Doll is every inch the realistic woman, from her full lips to her pert behind and lifelike pussy. Each opening offers a textured canal designed for maximum pleasure.

She is so incredibly realistic you may forget she's a doll, from her delicate facial features to large squeezable breasts with erect pink nipples, flowing brunette locks, and even lifelike fingers and toes.

Her soft skin feels utterly authentic, and her petite yet fully posable frame allows you to play in almost any position. She even has screws in the base of her feet to support standing sex positions.

You can penetrate her detailed vagina for deep pleasure, or plunge into her tight anus for a satisfying squeeze.

Afterward, give her a quick wash with the douche and, after drying, dust her with renewer powder to keep her skin feeling fantastic.

Treat your new lover to a lavish coat of water-based lubricant to enjoy maximum comfort and pleasure.



• This doll is made-to-order item. Production will start after full payment being settled. Deposit is not acceptable.

Cleaning & maintenance:

• Never use any alcohol-containing cleaners; wet napkins or other cleaning stuffs for cleaning. It may damage her skin.
• We don’t suggest wearing dark underwear, such as black, dark blue, …etc.., to avoid staining. Unless you do confirm the outfit won’t fade.
• Please stay away from all sharp objects to avoid scratching her body and causing permanent damage.
• Please pat your doll with renew powder regularly to keep her dry.
• In case the doll getting dirty, please clean by warm water immediately.