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富安玲奈 8Kg 美臀 Tomiyasu Reona MIZ-02

by MIZ

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富安玲奈 8Kg 美臀 MIZ-02

由人氣女優富安玲奈 (冨安れおな / Tomiyasu Reona) 代言,8公斤,更大更肉厚,真實感更加強烈。內部通道當然再進步,更多千變萬化的內紋,重點是能將陰道和肛門的通道做到更強烈的對比,讓你能感受真正的雙穴感覺。

• 肌質細部迫真
• 1:1 複製美臀
• 親筆簽名刻劃
• 8 Kg
• 29 x 32 x 18 cm

Tomiyasu Reona 8Kg Hips MIZ-02

Tomiyasu Reona hips is your opportunity to try out her body in three dimensions. The level of detail on this onahole is unparalleled, with realistic skin textures that carefully recreate every crease and fold in Arina's labia and butthole. Put on one of her videos and thrust inside either one of her pink holes to fully immerse yourself in your fantasies.

• Realistic texture
• 1:1 butt reproduce
• Autograph engraved
• 8 Kg
• Dim. 29 x 32 x 18 cm