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iobanana Catpaw Warming Massager - Cream


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iobanana® rocky catpaw massager is a soft-touched vibrator, with a non-erotic qutey design. It has 48°C and 60°C heating function, turn on the heat either warm it as a erotic fun toy or release the pain during the period.

The catpaw massager provides 7 tantalizing vibrating speeds and pulsing patterns, teasing the vulva, clitoris testicles and nipples with the soft catpaw and the metallic nails ensure you get the best pleasure and comfort of both general and hardcore feelings. Feel free to use it as a massager to your neck and body with the metallic nails.

It’s the perfect gift for the rookies wanting to explore the sensations of the fun toy!


• Non pornography design
• Full body heating up to 48°C and 60°C
• SofttouchTM material
• Made for the clit, and great for nipples & more
• 7 vibration frequencies
• Made of Body-safe silicone
• Waterproof resistance
• USB rechargeable